Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1.     Why do I have to send for a Brochure and Price List by POST, why not put it all on your Website?

A1.      Firstly as an anti Spam/Scam measure. Sadly, private villa owners are an increasing target area.

             Secondly, and more important, the approximate rental (Low/High season) is given on my Home page and  

             should enable you to compare prices with other similar villas (who list likewise).  This web site is an

             opportunity to show the villa and its facilities and there should be enough information to help you decide if

            you are possibly interested. The price list is fairly comprehensive as it is tailored to the size of the party, and

            length of stay, and the booking conditions quite extensive, and both are best viewed as hard copies.

           They are sent to you by post free and with no obligations whatsoever. I only respond if you have a query,            or if you wish to actually book.  If there is no response from you after a week or so then your details are            deleted.   They are never passed on to any third party.

Q2.     Can you arrange flights and car hire for us?

A2.    It is not financially viable for a single villa owner to have a ATOL licence, and anyway these days (the fact

          you’re reading this) you can use a search engine to book flights direct, or through an on-line airline agency.

          However for my tenants, if they need it, I am allowed to give advice if they’re stuck or unsure, based on my

           experience over many years. Also look at my “Flights” search engines link on my Home page.

           I can arrange car hire locally in Menorca with a very reliable (English run) company with competitive rates

           and a 20% discount for my tenants (early bookings before March).   I receive no commission whatsoever.

Q3.     Why don’t you have a single rental for a particular week like everyone else?

A3.      The costs of keeping two people in the villa for a week is less than for seven people (gas, electricity, water,

            laundry, etc.) so I don’t think it fair for small parties to pay the same rental as large parties, do you?

            Also, longer stays have less “changeover costs”, and this is reflected in the rental price per week.

            It’s not an exact science, but I have a small adjustment to the rental based on the party size and length of

            stay.  (Many of my bookings are for small parties of 2 or 3 - they like the extra space!).

            Some other villa owners do this - I’m not unique. But it’s true most charge a fixed rental presumably based

            on maximum occupancy and minimum stay!   Better ask them why!!!  

Q4.      I have an urgent query that needs an answer now. What’s the best way?

A4.      For any query the telephone is always the best (+44 (0)1621 741810). I monitor Emails from  time to time but

           telephone contact is by far the best, and is more personal.

Q5.      Is it safe to book flights on-line - if the airline goes bust will I be covered?

A5.      Yes, you are covered providing you pay with your credit card  such as Visa or MasterCard (not debit or

            charge card) and if the unit price for each seat is more than £100.  (Section 75 of the Consumer Credit

           Act 1974).  Note that Section 75 covers direct booking with the airline and not  flights booked via a Travel

           Agent, which would introduce a third party. Some airlines (direct bookings) are now adding ATOL type

           cover for a small additional charge (around £1 per passenger ) and I advise you take this.     

Q6.      Are bookings made direct with the Owner or is there an Agent involved?

A6.       Definitely direct with the Owner!  (who is also the webmaster of this site). This enables the owner to keep

             costs down and provide competitive rentals. It also means that the villa is efficiently run directly in every

             respect, including my local Manager in Menorca, (as the Tenant “Comments” page illustrate on this site).

Q7.      Is it true that holidaymaker's can only stay in “registered villas” in the Balearics?   Is yours?

A7.      This legislation is still in turmoil at the moment and keeps changing year on year - but my paperwork moves

            with it. A villa registration badge with stars on it was promised (2007!). Hundreds of owners still wait for their

           registration to complete. Mañana!! This infringement is currently being pursued by the EU.



                                                                                                                                Ian Perry (owner).